Monday Apr. 15th, 2013

Because YOU wanted it to happen... it did!

A week ago my band The Reigning Monarchs went into a real recording studio in North Hollywood and laid down basic tracks for our upcoming album Black Sweater Massacre. We did it live into to a Neve board operated by a real engineer for 5 whole days! We put in 10- 12 hour days, running on nothing more than coffee, cigarettes, burritos and jerk chicken. Two years ago that was a pipe dream. No one in their right mind would lay down cash for an instrumental surf, punk, reggae, ska band to make a record. Let alone one fronted by an almost 50 year old comedian and has been girly book author. But that was before YOU came along. YOU the person reading this are a fan, and while not maybe a fan of mine you are a fan of something and these days fans have the power to not only make other people's dreams come true but to also to decide what kinds of movies, music, books and even inventions should be made. Bands that would never have a shot in hell are being given one because YOU think they should.Our band astonishingly raised almost 30K on Indie Go Go. We only asked for 10. Last week we played like a 300k band. We went in with about 7-8 songs and we came out with 17. Having 5 days in the studio was a luxury we took very seriously, We worked until our fingers were blistered, our hearing was shot and at one point wrote a song so pretty it made The Hawk (our bass player) cry... and he's no pussy. It was one of the best experiences of my life, which many of you know, has not been awesome lately. You gave Mike, Blair, Dave (The Hawk) that experience out of the kindness of your big dumb hearts. And yes you have perks coming but they are nothing compared to what we got from YOU. We will spend the next month adding horns and other awesomeness to the trax and come summer you will have a new beast of a Monarchs record to reckon with. Hopefully you will dig it as much as we already do because... YOU ACTUALLY DO RULE!Sweater

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