Monday Feb. 04th, 2013

Day 20 of 365: Eat Pray Schecter

Photo By: Reynard Ali Sweater plays the Schecter ULTRA III Special Edition
On Jan 31st Mike and I were invited to Schecter Guitar Research to check out guitars and the possibility of being sponsored by them to play their guitars exclusively. They knew who we were, so they are in a pretty exclusive club and possibly broken and deranged. But in fact they we're inspired by our story and Indie Go Go campaign. A super heavy hitter in the metal world (Nikki Sixx Avenge Sevenfold) Schecter are looking to branch out in other genres of music and have some new super rad retro inspired guitars that would go great with sweaters. Fuck dude it was like winning a contest. Mike and were met in the parking lot, taken on a tour by Johnny Indovina and Seth Miller and then escorted into a room full of guitars selected just for us n' left alone to play. Who does that for a surf/ska band with 9 fans? Total Willy Wonka deal. Then at the end Mike and I were allowed to take as many as we wanted to try out with our own rigs and live! It was fucking amazing! So that's exactly what we did, after I changed my underwear. That night we had a gig at the Other Door in No Ho. I used the Schecter Guitar Research ULTRA III Special Edition Metallic Black. I plugged it into my Fender Super Reverb and BOOM it was on. While different than my Gretsch I was able to closely replicate that sound and it has and tone possibilities than that guitar. My Gretsch only sounds great on some songs and not others. But not only that The Ultra III is, not unlike the White Falcon, sweet to look at. USA Mike however is still trying to find that right guitar and sound. And because all we are is our guitar thuggery it really, really matters. If we were to take a sponsorship, as rad as that sounds, it would have to suit us both. We'd want to be all in as a band. So we are still working it out. Like so many people Johnny and Seth at Schecter have embraced what Mike and I are seriously trying to do with our lives and the music we are trying to make and that in and of it self is a fucking win. Stay tuned.

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