Monday Nov. 26th, 2012

I have 365 days to live my dream

Six months ago I was really struggling. I was at my manager's office one afternoon having a career meltdown/panic attack and blaming him for my lot in life when he finally yelled "Greg, no one's just gonna give you work at this point, you gotta write something! Come up with an idea!" I shouted back "Really Dave? Ok! How about a show about a 50 year old washed up girly book author and stand up comic who leaves his wife and kids to start a ska band?" it quickly broke the tension, we both laughed, and finally he said "Go home write it." Ahhhh. And so I went home and started writing ideas down but it wasn't long til the idea of pitching this as a tv series and hearing other peoples notes got me bummed out. TV development is a long painful often humiliating process that more often than not goes nowhere. I felt like this was too personal an idea to cheapen to be a silly sitcom. Then it dawned on me, maybe I should leave my family and start a ska band. After all my band had just been offered a really crappy tour based on the popularity of our new three song EP that had been climbing the punk charts . A few nights later I was talking with some comics after a show and the idea of doing an album and a tour and documenting it came up. Suddenly it all fell into place. To make not only an album but a rockumentary about trying to make my band happen on the eve of turning 50. People got excited by this and a plan was hatched. After discussing it with my wife, who was not among those in the "excited" camp, we decided I could take 365 days (consecutive I believe) to try and make something out of The Reigning Monarchs. So starting today 11/26/12 my instrumental surf punk reggae ska band The Reigning Monarchs start an Indie Go Go campaign to raise money to not just make an album but possibly fund a tour and the making of the doc. I WILL NOT BE STOPPING STANDUP :) the goal would be to have a brand new hour that goes along with the doc. But if I don't do this now I will never do it.Ill I've ever wanted to be since I bought my first Aerosmith record was a real, boots on the ground, get in the van, lets rock this motherfucker, musician. And for the first time in my life I'm playing in a band that could do just that. The album we are about to make is gonna be an epic, surf, punk, reggae, ska manifesto filled with drums, bass, horns and danceable guitar thuggery. If any if this sounds interesting please go HERE and get involved. Don't let my dream die. Ok that's dramatic but you get the point. Also another goal of the campaign is to live the dream of playing shirtless like one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This idea makes my wife throw up out he ass. For this to happen I will need to lose 30 pounds. Today I weigh 194.

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