Sunday Apr. 29th, 2012

New to New Zealand! (Who is this dickhead?)

Photo By: me
This past five days have been spent in what I can truly call a whirlwind trip to Auckland and Wellington N.Z. for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. Now it's one thing to be asked to perform at a festival but it's another to be asked to host their televised and non televised Galas. As a violently self aware comic, going to a country where he knows no one to host their biggest comedy events I felt a bit suspect. If you are me you wonder why you've been asked at all, and I assume if you are a comic from New Zealand you are probably wondering the same thing. "Why the fuck is this dickhead hosting?" (They say dickhead here a lot. It's kinda great) Look, I know comics! I've been one for 22 years. Classify me anyway you want to, I see myself first and foremost as a stand up comedian and because of that I knew there would be cynics among us but if there were? Well they hid themselves. I was treated to two of the best comedy shows I've ever been a part of. The talent on the shows was from all over the planet but the comics, particularly the ones from New Zealand and the especially hipster kids from the Fan Fiction show,and Dai Henwood went out of their way to make me feel as though I was a part of. Look I'm not saying everybody loved me I'm sure I had my detractors. Whenever you have some notoriety or a modicum of fame for something other than standup your peers will be suspect of your authenticity as a comic. Comics are very good a sussing out their own. It has been my mission of late to be recognized as a comedian. Not better than, not funnier than, just AS one. But I am happy to report my two recent recent tours to the southern hemisphere have gone a long way to do that for me. New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful place, filled with really, really nice people and a burgeoning comedy scene filled with some smart, original, amazing talent and tonight they let me share the stage with them.

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