Wednesday Apr. 11th, 2012

Super Update

Paul Armstrong
Hey Punks, Clowns, Cuddlahs, and Kittens! It's been awhile but GB.com is back and better than ever and by that I mean it's a different color. I have been super busy in the last year or so doing so many stellar things. My standup career is finally in full swing with DATES being added daily, my podcast Walking The Room is fast approaching it's 100th episode which will be captured in a live tragedy at Meltdown comics in Los Angeles April 20th, (Tix and deets here) The Reigning Monarchs are about to start recording a new album and I'm about to start a memoir tentatively titled Exile in Girlville. I have also been blogging about clothes and bands with my wife Amiira over at Outdress The Enemy. You may want to file this all under "who gives a shit." but I plan to keep updating this site with stories from the road and pictures of me waving so don't be a stranger!

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