Tuesday Jun. 21st, 2011

UPDATE! Original Uncool Pushed a week!

ALBUM RELEASE PUSHED A WEEK:. The files I loaded were corrupted. This will be fixed by Uncool Elves and released next week. Sorry for the inconvenience! RAWK.On July 5th I will digitally re release my first Album UNCOOL under the title ORIGINAL UNCOOL. It will include some awesome bonus material from a set I did earlier this year, and it will be sold for a ridiculously low price! Why? You ask. Because as the years have rolled by I've gotten word from hardcore fans (both of them) that of all of my offerings THIS was their favorite. Which is weird because there are only 2000 copies of it in existence that I sold from this very site in the early days of the internets. I would sign them and mail them myself and sometimes include UNCOOL pins or a personal note. The album was recorded in 2003 at the Laugh Stop in Houston, a club that no longer exists. (Louis Black and Mitch Hedberg also recorded live albums there) I think what makes it so fun is that I had no idea it was being recorded. I had an amazing weekend and at the end of it Pete the manager came up and handed me 5 discs and said "Hey you can have these. We record the shows so that we can use clips on our phone machine!" Their fucking phone machine! :) Well I took them home, put one on in my car, listened to it for about 10 mins and forgot about it. Two weeks later Amiira, my wife, borrowed my car and when she got home she said "I had to pull over I laughed so hard. And I don't even like you!" So I called my buddy the awesome Travis Randall and he mixed it, just one show beginning to end with no edits. Then I called my other super buddy Jeff Caudill of the band Gameface, and he did the art. The album also features the first recordings of the short lived but ominous BLACK RATTLE and the rest is... well the rest is UNCOOL. Have I gotten better as a comic? I hope so. But this is a document and an account of what I was going through at the time. I was newly married, babied, and had just bought a small house, I had thrown my back out taking a nap and my chain wallet had been taken at a concert I attended with Dave Anthony I was scared and angry this is what came out. The bonus material is there to add value sure but also to show you how little I've changed as a person . My priorities are still the same. YOU MUST ROCK!

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