Tuesday Sep. 28th, 2010

An Incredibly kind review of our Podcuddle!

Photo By: Chris Kay
One of the common errors made by countless podcasters is talking about how ridiculous it is that they have a show or listeners and how poor a quality a show they are putting on. This is often frustrating for those trying to support the podcast, it’s hard to be tolerant of training wheels when the people on the bike are rubbing their grazed knees in your face. Another common mistake made by comedians podcast is when they dwell on comedy inside baseball. Some podcasts upon insist episode after episode of protracted looks into the minutia of stand up. This is understandable, everyone bullshits about their job. But when part of the conversation is constantly condescending to “civilians” will never understand what they do, it becomes massively annoying. Thusly, conventional wisdom dictates that if comedians are going to podcast, they should talk less about performing comedy and ease off on the 4th-wall-breaking self-depreciation. And, like all truly worthwhile pieces of culture, Walking The Room bids a full and emphatic “fuck you” to conventional wisdom. Maybe it’s because Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony have been friends for years or maybe it’s because of their previous experience in radio together but in their short run of podcasts they’ve already created something than stands apart from the crowd. Since Walking The Room is a guestless 2-man ship, its potential to entertain lives and dies with the chemistry between Dave And Greg. Luckily, this chemistry mainly is mainly acidic and weird. Theirs is a shared sense of humor based on vicious insults and exaggerated mutual disgust all filtered oddly through pop culture, self-help speak and a barely visible flicker of genuine human warmth. When Greg and Dave talk about how shitty Walking The Room is it comes across as both a genuinely self-effacing move and a perfect opportunity to viciously eviscerate each other. Nothing about it smacks of an excuse or apology. This is indicative of both of their personalities, even if they arrive their unapologetic nature from completely different angles.Greg Behrendt is a walking paradox. He’s a hip dad who plays in surf guitar band and has Concerns about sweaters. Yet he manages to not to be annoying. There’s another hit against conventional wisdom. Instead he seems to have his shit supernaturally together, or at least know what he has to do to get to that state and is also remarkable humble about all this. He’s already written the book on relationships (literally, but don’t ask him any questions on the subject…sadly the answer is on the cover) but it’s great to hear is take on any topic he feels free to hold court on. Most importantly, he’s funny and his style of humor lends itself very well to podcasts. And also to stand up comedy, so go see him do that too.Dave Anthony always reminds me of a Z-Ro lyric that goes: “I love nothing, make the barber to write a Fuck You in my head”. Dave really doesn’t seem to affect this attitude, the way a lot of other comics seem to (how mad can Lewis Black be at music videos?): he lives it. Dave’s natural curmudgeonly attitude and his laser-like ability to find the logical fault with anything would make for a horrific monster if he didn’t seem to be unable to express this rage through anything but excellent indignant off the cuff humor. Nothing is funnier than when Dave Anthony is so angry at something he blurts out the first thing that comes to his head. This is usually a threat of some complex violence, the kind usually reserved for Greg. Oh and when I emailed the guys a few questions about the podcast, Greg took the time to describe Dave as “a fictional character cobbled together from equal parts mud and sadness.” And Dave didn't insult Greg at all. Which is pretty great.As you can imagine, this vast difference in personalities along with a long storied friendship leads to some great banter. This usually takes the shape of one person trying to...

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