Thursday May. 27th, 2010

Guess who's jumped into podcasting late?

Hey punks and kittens, at the behest of my great friend and former radio partner I have started a weekly podcast called Walking The Room! While in no way the caliber of WTF, NNF Pardcast, or Sound Of Young America it is more Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony-centric than those other programs. You will get more of that which may not be a great thing. It is a work in progress but we really had a fun time doing it and that's the best reason to do anything. We cover a variety of topics from pudding to pudding and we hope to premier the new Reigning Monarchs song TIJUANA SNAKEFIGHT in the next few weeks. "Christ that is something to look forward to Greg! So you'll be promosting your obscure band on your own podcast! Wow that will move some product." Hmmm 'We have a facebook page for updates and you can get the first show hereOh, and we tweet And NOW on iTunes

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