Monday Aug. 31st, 2009

Edinburgh is one for the books!

Wow, what a month! 26 shows, not including extra late night sets and press appearances, but overall it was a total blast. Did I take the festival by storm? By nooo means. Were all the shows good? Not even. Who's fault was that? Mine. Did you get good reviews? Some great ones, but I also got some bad ones. (I don't read them but my pals do) Did you see some good shows? Yes indeed! Jamie Kilstein, Jimmy McGhee, Des Bishop, Alun Cochran, and Dan Antopolski were among the highlights. Google them all, you won't be sorry. They were all a far cry better than I was at the beginning of the fest that's for sure.Then why did you have such a good time? Because it was like I had to start standup all over again. No one in the UK gives a shit about me or what I've done really. There was no room to coast and I had to really dig deep to get them to A) Like me or at least understand me and B) laugh at and with me. It really made me realize how lazy I've been about my standup and how much better I could be. It was an ass kicking 'cause at the beginning I played to stoney silence and indifference but the last week of shows were, on a personal level, better than any shows I've ever done. So why post a picture of your poster with your nice reviews? Because if you look closely at the pic someone scratched out the H,R,E, and D out of BEHRENDT leaving BENT which is UK slang for queer! So I like the juxtaposition of the Sunday Times and Time Out giving me props, which is nothing to complain about, and then some "punter" giving his two cents. It about sums up my experience. But it has soooo revitalized my desire to be better at my craft that I believe i've taken for granted or just didn't realize needed work. Hope you will come see me. New dates added soon! Much Love!Greggers

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