Tuesday Feb. 19th, 2013

And then we lost the footage! Day 39 of 365

Life is certainly not without its hardships. And of course hardships are relative to what's going on in your life. While losing ALL the footage to the documentary you've been working on for four months is not the same as many other dire problems...

Monday Feb. 04th, 2013

Day 20 of 365: Eat Pray Schecter

On Jan 31st Mike and I were invited to Schecter Guitar Research to check out guitars and the possibility of being sponsored by them to play their guitars exclusively. They knew who we were, so they are in a pretty exclusive club and possibly...

Monday Dec. 31st, 2012

You are never just a fan!

This was both the worst and possibly the best year of my life. I don't want to rehash too much of what I've already said in other posts on this blog, but long story short I went from wanting to kill myself to lusting after life in a way that...

Monday Dec. 17th, 2012

I Used To Hate Marc Maron

I used to both love and hate comedian and podcaster Marc Maron. Marc and I are the same age and have both been doing stand up since the late ‘80s. The very first time I met him I was wearing a bright green and yellow madras shirt, a pair of...

Monday Nov. 26th, 2012

I have 365 days to live my dream

Six months ago I was really struggling. I was at my manager's office one afternoon having a career meltdown/panic attack and blaming him for my lot in life when he finally yelled "Greg, no one's just gonna give you work at this point, you gotta...

Thursday Nov. 08th, 2012

Get the comeback trail to go through your town!

My shows in Atlanta this past weekend were fucking amazing. All manner of fans showed up from near and far. Some had never seen me, some were wrapped in Nope shirts and Came to multiple shows. It was exhilarating. also my last road gig for 2012....

Monday Oct. 29th, 2012

Atlanta the next stop on the comeback trail.

Please call it a comeback continues! I'm in Atlanta at the spectacular Laughing Skull this Thursday Nov 1st - Sun Nov 4th. Two shows every night. This is a fucking great club. It's small, personal and really how comedy is supposed to be...

Tuesday Oct. 16th, 2012

Totally call it a comeback! Salt Lake City

This weekend I return to Wiseguys in SLC and in earnest begin the rebuilding of my standup career. After an amazing weekend at the Comedy Attic in Bloomington I walked away with 30 mins of new material. I will be doing that material this Fri and...

Wednesday Sep. 26th, 2012

I was wrong!

On June 18th of this year after a rough weekend of low ticket sales, missing my family way too much, and refusing to understand what was happening in my standup career, I posted a blog on this site saying I was going to stop working in comedy...

Monday Jun. 18th, 2012

Now this is what I'm talking about!

Walking The Room Podcast and Standup dates are happening with TWO shows in Austin and ONE show in OKC! Holy shit this is us walking the walking the room so now we need you to do the same. None of that makes sense but you get it. Not sure about...

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